Chinese Woman Opens Emergency Door For “Fresh Air,” Causing Flight Delay

A flight was delayed for an hour and a woman detained by police after she opened the emergency exit for “fresh air”.

The incident happened on Xiamen Air flight MF8215 from Wuhan to Lanzhou, which was scheduled to take off at 3.45pm.

Chinese Woman Opens Emergency Door For “Fresh Air,” Causing Flight During boarding, an air steward reminded passengers seated by the emergency doors ”don’t touch the door handle”.

However, the woman said the plane was too stuffy and opened the exit when the stewardess turned around to help others.

The woman has since been taken in by the police for questioning.

This is not the first time in China where passengers were caught doing peculiar things on board a plane.

This year alone, there were three other strange cases, including throwing coins into the plane’s engine for good luck.

Opening the emergency exit can be deemed to be disturbing public order in an aircraft, which is punishable by police detention and a fine.

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